Nothing makes us happier than when our clients are able to express, in one single extremely enthusiastic sentence, what their company or brand stands for and when they just cannot wait to launch their new house style. It’s the same when we see packaging designed by us online or in the shop. We’d love to make you feel the same passion for brands and design as we do. And the good news is, we can handle the entire process for you, from A to Z. That’s optional, of course, but it really does make life easy for you. We work according to our Brand Design model, which has four phases.

Phase 1 Strategy

This is where we work with you to define your brand strategy and brand identity. It can be as simple as a one-page debriefing or through one of our brand strategy workshops. Topics that can be covered in this phase:

  • Brand architecture: what’s your brand hierarchy like?
  • Brand vision: what’s the market like, and what is the best brand positioning?
  • Golden circle: what’s the Why, How and What of your company or brand?
  • Purpose: how can you help to make the world a better place?
  • Brand mission: what’s the mission of the company internally in order to achieve that goal?
  • Brand values: what makes you unique and valuable to your target group?
  • Brand personality: what brand archetype (coined by Carl Jung) is associated with your brand?
  • Brand promise: what does the brand promise the target group?
  • Brand essence: how can we sum up the brand in just a few words?

Phase 2 Creation

Using the formulated brand strategy and brand identity as their basis, this is where our designers start turning words into images. It’s where the real magic happens. For new brands, we design multiple ideas for a unique look and feel; for existing brands, we’ll restyle the house style (especially if outdated). Aspects that can be covered in this phase:

  • Design strategy: what characterizes the brand, and what characterizes the competition?
  • Personas: how can we further characterize your target group with mood boards?
  • Evolution or revolution: how much can we vary from the current style? What to keep and what to change?
  • Brand name: developing a new brand name or sub-brand
  • Look and feel: designing the new visual identity on the basis of the logo, colours, typography, photography style, tone of voice, etc.
  • Designing the new style on the basis of specific brand touch points, such as website, packaging, correspondence set, PowerPoint, brochure, etc.

PHase 3 Execution

Once you’ve made a choice from the creative concepts, we’ll design and develop various specific brand touch points for you. We have more than 46 years of experience in this area and know what’s involved. Some examples of what we can deliver in this phase:

  • Your logos in CMYK, PMS and RGB, including a practical logo instruction leaflet.
  • The correspondence set with print-ready files for business cards, stationery, envelopes, labels, etc.
  • Designing your website with instructions for the website builder.
  • Printing files for packaging, including photography and all required texts.
  • Printing files for brochures and folders, including copywriting, if you want.
  • Conversion into a workable PowerPoint format.
  • Social media platforms, email signature, online banners, etc.
  • Developing a brand passport for the internal introduction of the brand.

Phase 4 Orchestration

We believe in the power of visual synergy, where all brand touch points fit together perfectly and enhance each other. To make that a reality, we create a strong sense of attachment to the house style during the process. This service is free of charge by the way. It’s all part of being a good Brand Design agency. Other possible aspects during the orchestration phase:

  • Internal introduction of the new brand or house style.
  • Laying down the brand and house style in a practical brand manual.
  • Internal instruction and training of staff for actual application of the new house style.
  • Agreeing a service arrangement for minor changes.
  • After a while, using a new competition analysis or a Design-APK to determine whether the design is still current.


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